International Conference: Beyond Otherness: Living and Learning in Dissimilitude without Dissonance

30. 9. 2022

309497550_602376371678323_1760726293732252126_nOrganizer: Research Programme Intercultural Literary Studies / Programska skupina Mednarodne literarnovedne študije (P6-0265)

Beyond Otherness: Living and Learning in Dissimilitude without Dissonance (Faculty of Arts,  Maribor, Slovenia; September 26-27 2022)

Globalisation and digitalisation, as processes inherent in the functioning of the postindustrial phase of capitalism, have prompted radical shifts in how individuals experience and comprehend their reality and corresponding identity. These changes were indicative of the formation of a new ontological order marking the advent of the socio-historical epoch of Postmodernity. The metaphysical tenets of Postmodernity are thus inextricably intertwined with the globalizing tendencies of postindustrial capitalism, which were driven by the rapid growth of media industries and facilitated by exponential development of information technology. The most paradigmatic effect of globalisation and media ubiquity is the reconceptualisation of the established notions of boundaries, especially those charting the sensitive categories of Other and Otherness in contemporary societies and cultures. Literature is by definition bound to words, which means that it is the medium best equipped for broadening and modifying the conceptual and semantic fields of current realities. This conference therefore aims to explore the impact of globalisation and digitalisation as the principal momenta of the current socio-historical context on the attitudes to, representations of and the very notions of Other and Otherness in literature.




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