Cambridge Sholars Publising: A Theory of Narrative (Dr Alojzija Zupan Sosič)

16. 11. 2022

Relying on the structure and methodology of classical and postclassical narratology, this book explores the phenomena of story and narrative, narrator, focalization, character, time and space, as well as the beginning and the ending of a narrative. It upgrades the theory of the unreliable narrator and introduces three new categories that have until now been exclusively used to refer to unreliable narrators, namely commentators, interpreters and evaluators. More:

Author bio: Dr Alojzija Zupan Sosič is a Full Professor of Slovene Literature at the Faculty of Arts of the University of Ljubljana. She is the editor of two anthologies of contemporary Slovene literature, a collection of Slovene erotic poetry and a volume of Slovene short stories. She also published four scholarly monographs, three of which examine the various aspects of the contemporary Slovene novel. Her fields of expertise are the contemporary Slovene novel, Slovene literature in a comparative world context, Slovene love poetry, the theory of narrative, gender identity, queer theory, and literary interpretation.

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