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22. 5. 2015

transstar Logo20 May 2015
In mid-spring the TransStar project will continue with new events.

In this newsletter you will find:

Translating Cube in Prague – Searching For and Finding Words

Networking Meeting TransStar June 2015

Translating Cube in Prague – Searching For and Finding Words

After events in Krakow, Stuttgart and Ljubljana the Translation Cube rolls on to Prague. From 4 – 6 June discussions, readings, concerts, interactions and presentations on literary translation will take place at different locations in Prague. Their purpose is to attract a broad interested public audience.

In the debate on the funding potential in Central and Eastern Europe, representatives from funding agencies and institutes (Goethe Institute, Austrian Cultural Forum, German-Czech Future Fund, House of Literature for German-language Authors in Prague, German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD)) met on June 4 and discussed the policies and concepts of cultural mediation, academic exchange, the propagation of literature and advancing translation. Jindřich Mann will read and discuss his relationship with Prague and its multicultural history. Karlstruppe, a student theatre group from Prague, will perform their montage of texts from one of the most famous writers of German literature from Prague entitled Kafka’s Spa Retreats and the Czecho-Slovakian Wunder Bar Band which will introduce Hermann Hesse’s Steppenwolf set to music.

On the afternoon of June 5 a number of parallel events will take place at the Philosophicum of the Charles University. As revolutionaries and smart alecs Matthias Jacob and Jurko Prochasko will discuss aspects of generation and history in translation with participants of their translator workshops. Olaf Kühl and Sława Lisiecka will set traps and rebusses with their workshop participants in Things that do not exist, with a focus on translation between German and Polish. In the student club Celetná the audience will meet Jan Faktor, who will read from his novel George’s Worries about the Past, and Radovan Charvát, who is the translator of the novel into the Czech language. We will talk with them about the special constellation of two native speakers Czech writing and translating a text.

On the afternoon of June 6 Zsuzsanna Gahse will speak with her translators Olha Drachuk and Karolina Matuszewska about her travels in Europe according to her own experiences and translating these into literature. TransSlam?! will conclude the evening with scenic readings of German-Czech and Czech-German translations by workshop participants from the TransStar project and with improvised musical intermezzos at the student club Celetná.

Networking Meeting TransStar June 2015

With the translating cube events the second networking meeting of the EU-funded project TransStar Europe will take place. Participants will receive basic training in computer-aided translation by Tomáš Svoboda, Tomáš Svoboda will discuss the translation of acoustic dimensions of poetry with Pavel Novotný and participants will be introduced to project management by Kateryna Stetsevych. Andy Jelčić will introduce the advantages and risks of freelance work in the field of literary translation and Małgorzata Różańska and Stefanie Stegmann will conduct a seminar on event management and program composition.

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