Erwin Köstler

3. 6. 2014

06_Foto_Erwin_Koestler2_WebErwin Köstler, born in 1964, is a translator and literary scholar who lives in Vienna. Since 1992 he translates literary texts and is an independent scholar who also curates exhibits and organises events, numerous readings, talks and workshops. In addition he has worked for radio and theatre, supervises research projects and has participated in numerous academic symposia. Since 1994 Köstler publishes Ivan Cankar at Drava publishing in Klagenfurt (Austria), an edition commented and translated into German by him currently consisting of 14 single volumes. In spring of 2013 the first five volumes of the Slovenian Library edited by him were released, which is a cooperative project of the Drava, Hermagoras/Mohorjeva and Wieser publishing houses all located in Klagenfurt. In addition Köstler regularly translates contemporary Slovenian literature, his latest are translations of texts by Franjo Frančič and Sebastijan Pregelj. His ouevre of translations and editions consists of more than 35 books. He has received numerous awards in the form of translation prizes and stipends: in 1999 the Austrian National Prize for Literary Translators and in 2010 the Lavrin Diploma of the Slovenian Translation Association.

At the beginning of May Erwin Köstler came to Graz for presenting the book series called Slovenian Library in the Slovenian reading room of the Styrian regional library. HERE you can read the interview with Erwin Köstler conducted by Daniela Trieb, a participant of the TransStar project.


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