Esther Kinsky

24. 4. 2015

04_E.Kinsky_WEBEsther Kinsky (born 1956)

While literary translations are often considered to be a means of ‘building bridges’ between cultures or helping people who have not had the possibility to learn languages gain an insight into foreign cultures Esther Kinsky’s interest in translation has quite a different origin. To her translating means first and foremost engaging with her very own language.

In their work literary translators frequently encounter means of expression in original texts that are alien to the respective target language. What makes translating intriguing for Kinsky is the process of exploring the possibilities of her own language in order to find, at least, approximate equivalents for the ‘other’ contained in the original.

At the same time Kinsky points out that any decision on an equivalent made by the translator is of a highly subjective nature. Literary translations for her are, therefore, dialogues with original writings that result in structures conveying an idea of the ‘other’.

by Jakob Walosczyk

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