Martin Pollack

1. 6. 2015

Martin_pollack_foto webMartin Pollack
Foto © Amrei-Marie (Wikipedia)

Martin Pollack (*1944) studied Slavic studies and East European history. From 1987 until 1998 he was correspondent for SPIEGEL in Vienna and Warsaw. He works as a journalist, author and translator of Polish literature. Amongst others, he was awarded with the honorary prize by the Austrian Booksellers Association for his book Toleranz in Denken und Handeln [Being Tolerant When Thinking and Acting] (2007) and the Leipzig Book Prize for European Understanding (2011). His latest publications are Kaiser von Amerika. Die große Flucht aus Galizien [Emperor of America: The Great Escape From Galicia] (2010) and Kontaminierte Landschaften [Contaminated Landsapes] (2014).

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