Latica Bilopavlović Vuković

3. 9. 2014

09_Latica Bilopavlovic Vukovic_Foto WEBLatica Bilopavlović Vuković
Foto © Latica Bilopavlović Vuković

Latica Bilopavlović Vuković is part of a generation of young translators in Croatia who has already made a name for herself. She has translated the works of authors such as Daniel Kehlmann, Juli Zeh, Wladimir Kaminer, Zsuzsa Bánk and Nataša Dragnić. Until now the greatest challenge has been translating the lyrical language of Marica Bodrožić and Ilma Rakusa. After a great number of prose texts, she would not mind translating a play while breathing the fresh sea air at Lastovo. For Latica Bilopavlović translation is a type of activity where she continually learns new things and which enriches her life.
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by Ines Hudobec and Daniela Čančar

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