Workshop Leader: Radovan Charvát

Miloslav Man DE-TSCHMiloslav Man

Miloslav Man was born in Pisek in 1979. He studied German and History at the Pedagogical Faculty of the South-Bohemian University in Budweis. Since 2006 he works as a research assistant at the University of Passau in the project “Building Blocks of History: Bavaria-Bohemia” and works to mediate information to the students from this border region on the history and culture of each others neighboring country. In addition he is the coordinator of the Czech and German language animators for language tandems and occasionally a city guide and pedagogical staff member of Prague Contact. In 2012 he considerably contributed to the development of the permanent exhibit on German-language literature in Prague in the Prague Literary House of German-Language Authors. He loves India, Prague, Psytrance, water, interesting books and many other things.


Anna Koubova DE-TSCHAnna Koubová

Anna Koubová was born 1990 in Prague and studied Czech Language and Literature, Translation and Linguistics in Prague, Paris and Berlin. For several years already she has worked as an interpreter and German and Czech teacher, now living in Munich. Currently her first steps in the translation adventure are being made. She has been involved as a volunteer in German-Czech Youth Forum and Literature Magazine “Plav” and is keen on communication between people and cultures, on languages, literature and nature of any sort.


MIchaela Otterova DE-TSCHMichaela Otterová

Michaela Otterová (born 1977 in Vsetín, Czech Republic) graduated in French and German Philology at the Faculty of Arts of Charles University in Prague. She studied at Leipzig University for two terms and in Freiburg im Breisgau (as a scholarship student of German Academic Exchange Service DAAD)  for free months. Currently, she teaches both languages at a Prague grammar school. She writes critical reviews for literary periodicals. In 2011, she made a radio series about R. M. Rilke for ČRo Vltava. She translates philosophical, historical and literary history texts, for instance the monograph accompanying the exhibition Praha—Prag 1900-1945 / Literaturstadt zweier Sprachen, vieler Mittler [Praha – Prague / Literary City of Two Languages, of Many Mediators]. In 2012, she was awarded an honourable mention in Jiří Levý Translation Competition for her translation of individual poems by Rilke.


SONY DSCPetra Grycová

Petra Grycová was born 1987 in Prague and studied there German and Ukrainian studies on the Charles University. Once upon a time she started also Polish studies as well as Linguistics-Phonetics. Although both remained just a start the most important element stayed: The love to the Polish language and to Linguistics. Petra likes to read interesting books, naturally, as well as to learn languages and discover cultures. And she does love theatre – to play as well as to see – and her free time is going to be more and more occupied by different theatre activities. She lives in Münster where she also makes her PhD. in German Sociolinguistics (National Varieties of German language) and attends theatre pedagogical course.


Alzbeta_Pestova DE-TSCHAlžběta Peštová

After the BA in German and English Business Language she graduated in German Studies at Palacký University in Olomouc. Since 2010 she is a student in the PhD program on German Literature. Her research focuses on Moravian literature around 1900; she participates in the research of the Centre for German Moravian Literature in Olomouc. Since 2012 she is a fellow of the Vladimir-Admoni Program of the DAAD. She heads the Austria Library in Olomouc.


Workshop Leader: Kristina Kallert

Katka Ringesova TSCH-DEKatka Ringesová

Katka Ringesová is a young translator and Czech teacher who spends her working hours helping people find love. Born in Planá in 1980, she studied in Pilsen and Regensburg and now lives in Berlin. For her, translating is a chance to discover literature on a different level than by simply reading it – a way to find her own voice. First steps on this journey have already been made, more will follow…


Magdalena Becher TSCH-DEMagdalena Becher

Born in Dachau (Bavaria) in 1982. She completed her studies of Political Science and Bohemian Studies at the universities of Regensburg and Brno (CZ). At the information office of the “Brücke/Most”-Foundation in Prague and the Consulate of the Czech Republik in Duesseldorf she was able to practice her skills. Since January 2012 she has been working as a project manager in the Czech Center in Duesseldorf. Her tasks and duties are to organise events, related to and based on the Czech culture such as movies, films, theater and literature. She also mobilizes the Czech-addicted community all over in the state of Northrhine Westphalia.


Martin Mutschler TSCH-DE (Foto Tobias Bader)Martin Mutschler

Martin Mutschler, born in Stuttgart in 1986, studied Romance Philology, Slavic Philology and Art History in Tübingen and Prag and is currently working at the theatre. He writes on culture and translates from different languages. In the winter of 2011/12 he was an intern at the European Capital of Culture 2015 in Pilsen, after that he was a committee member of the GFPS-CZ association. Since 2013, he has studied musical theatre direction in Hamburg. Anything else? Everything about culture, within culture, for us. Music is important, maybe the passion for poetry or the world of Bohumil Hrabals’ language derives from music.


Daniela Pusch TSCH-DEDaniela Pusch

Born 1978 in Czechoslovakia, but grew up in Germany, in Leverkusen. She studied slavonic studies and film studies in Marburg, Moscow and Brno. Since 2004, she is living in Düsseldorf with her family, where she works as a translator, as city guide and as a language teacher. She also reads stories in foreign languages to children. For the moment, she is working on the texts by Alena Zemančíková (some of them are publicated in LICHTUNGEN and Sudetenland). In 2014, she won the Young Translaters’ competition run by Czech Centres with her translation of Bohumil Hrabal’s short story Perlička na dně (Little pearl at the bottom).


Martina LISA TSCH-DEMartina Lisa

Born and raised in Czechoslovakia, she studied History and German as a Foreign Language at the University of Leipzig. Because of numerous trips and professional stays (teaching German) in mostly Eurasian countries (Azerbaijan, Russia, Tadzhikistan) and her socialization in Czech and German environments requires moving and switching between cultures and thus belongs to her way of life. After her studies she traslanted texts primarily from the humanities. In her last project she edited and translated (together with Anna Ohlidal) an 17th century chronicle from Old-Czech into German. Her latest literary discoveries are Němci from Jakuba Katalpa, Rybí krev from Jiří Hájíček, Zvuk slunečních hodin from Hana Androníková and the poems from Ondřej Buddeus.





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