Being Exchanged: Presentation by Ryszard Wojnakowski

Krakow Goethe Institute, January 17, 2014
6. 2. 2014

Being Exchanged: Presentation by Ryszard Wojnakowski (Krakow): Translating into Large and Small Languages. Asymmetries.

The talk turned into a world tour around the globe based on the motto: „the situation in different literatures and international relations on the translation market.“  Considering the difficulties of translating Chinese literature into smaller languages due to a lack of qualified personnel, we travelled to the USA via Belgium and from there via Switzerland and Russia to Poland and Ukraine. Here is where it also would have turned interesting for the other participants of the TransStar project. We however ran out of time and had to forgo the excursion to the remaining literatures of (South) East Europe.

 by Valentyna Bilokrynytska, Marlena Breuer and Daniela Trieb

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