Translating Cube in Ljubljana: The Slovenian book market and the advancement of translation

Ljubljana, Translating Cube (Falulty of Arts), April 16, 2015
28. 4. 2015

Being exchanged

On 16 April 2015 Katja Stergar from the Slovenian Book Agency (JAK) gave a presentation at the project meeting of the projects TransStar Europa and Translating Cube: Six Sides of European Literature and Translation in Ljubljana. She presented the possibilities for the co-funding of translations of literary works into Slovenian and from Slovenian. She explained that only translations of texts of high quality for which a contract with a publisher has already been signed can be co-financed and she also emphasized that in order for the publisher to get a grant the translators have to be paid adequately. She also talked about other activities of the Slovenian Book Agency.

Here some Photos.

by Janko Trupej



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