Translatin Cube in Ljubljana: Aleš Berger und Petra Vidali

Ljubljana, Translating Cube (Falulty of Arts), April 17, 2015
2. 5. 2015

Being exchanged: dual talent

Aleš Berger is the publisher of the series entitled Kondor and nova lirika, the translator of J.L. Borges, Apollinaire, Char, Queneau, Prévert, Beckett, Lautréamont and also of the Asterix comic into Slovenian. He is the author of a number of works of prose and plays. Petra Vidali is the editor of the translation series at Litera publishing called babilon, where works of Genazino, Erpenbeck, Geiger, Mora and Haushofer amongst others were published. She works at Večer, a daily newspaper.

An exciting discussion, which delivered insight into the career of two Slovenian publishers. They aimed a lot of encouraging words at the young translators. It is important to raise the existing awareness of the importance of literary translation in Europe, particularly with projects like TransStar.

Some photos here.


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