Being Played: What We Consider to be Untranslatable

Krakow Goethe Institute, January 17, 2014
8. 2. 2014

Being Played: What We Consider to be Untranslatable – Collection Board for Everybody

The Krakow Goethe Institute was the perfect backdrop for participants of the TransStar Europe project to discuss issues such as puzzlement, untranslatability and ambiguity and many other issues they are confronted with in their work as translators from and into the German language. At a large poster wall everybody was able to contribute to and shape the collection. A comfortable atmosphere, many fellow sufferers and constructive discussions proved to be a winning combination for generating active participation. On the pin board the following day one could find the most confusing, most untranslatable and most ambiguous translation traps our TransStar literary translators have encountered when translating from a Slavic language into German and the other way around.

by Tjaša Šket and Janko Trupej

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