Translating Cube in Ljubljana, April 2015: Poetic Transgressions

Ljubljana, April 2015, February 11, 2015
6. 4. 2015

Translating Cube: Six Sides of European Literature and Translation

 15 – 18 April 2015

Ljubljana (PROGRAMME)

Poetic Transgressions

Wednesday, 15 April 2015


Opening: Claudia Dathe and Tanja Žigon

Being finagled and checked

Linguistically the Slovenian and Ukrainian languages are similar. During the event, participants of the EU-funded project TransStar Europe will each read a sentence, a quote or a poem either in Slovenian or Ukrainian in order to discover the differences and similarities between the two languages.

Despite the linguistic proximity there are many historical and cultural differences between Slovenia and Ukraine which will be presented in the second part of the event: participants of the EU-funded project TransStar Europe will introduce things that do not exist anywhere else, which in the past were common and are almost unknown in their country of origin. In this way cultural and linguistic diversity is emphasized.

Facilitator: Lydia Nagel

Location: Hotel Pri Mraku


Thursday, 16 April 2015


Welcome and official statement by the Vice Dean of the Faculty of Arts, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Gregor Perko

Prof. Dr. Schamma Schahadat, coordinator of the TransStar Europe and Translating Cube projects, University of Tübingen:

Opening ceremony of the photo exhibit entitled Camera Obscura – Places of Translation (the exhibit contains pinhole camera pictures and texts created within the framework of the project Translating Cube: Six Sides of European Literature and Translation)

Organisation: Alenka Lavrin and Tanja Žigon

Location: lobby of the Faculty of Arts in Ljubljana

10:00 – 11:00h

Being exchanged: the Slovenian book market and the advancement of translation

Katja Stergar, who is a consultant at the Slovenian Book Agency and the Slovenian representative at Traduki, will give the talk on the Slovenian book market. The event will present a variety of assistance programs that help to advance translation activities from foreign languages into Slovenian and the other way around.

Location: Modra soba (Blue Parlor), Faculty of Arts (5th floor)

16:00 16:30h

Being played: what do we consider as untranslatable?

Small pieces of paper with translation problems will be collected and pinned onto a big board; all that is confusing, untranslatable or ambivalent is welcome and will subsequently be discussed.

Facilitation: Tjaša Šket

Location: corridor of the Department of Translatology at the Faculty of Arts in the different groups

16:30 – 17:30h

Being checked: prospective translators in discussion with established colleagues

Budding translators from the EU-funded project TransStar Europe will gather at the big board with Ostap Slyvynsky, Jurko Prokhasko and Štefan Vevar where they will discuss translation problems that have been collected on that same board. They will talk about their experiences and specifically broach on issues that arise when translating poetry. Anja Wutej and Franziska Mazi will open the event by reading from their translation of two chansons of the famous Slovenian poet Svetlana Makarovič.

Facilitation: Anja Wutej

Location: corridor of the Department of Translatology at the Faculty of Arts


Being searched and found: poetry today

The discussion with the author and translator Raoul Schrott will touch on his translation of Illias by Homer and classical Arabic love poetry as well as on his book Gehirn und Gedicht. Wie wir unsere Wirklichkeit konstruieren [Mind and Poetry: How We Construct Our Reality] (with Arthur Jacobs, 2011) and the short story Das Schweigende Kind [The Child That Kept Silent] (2012).

Participants from the TransStar Europe project will read their own translations of poetry by Raoul Schrott into both Slovenian and Ukrainian: Mykola Lipisivitskij, Valentyna Bilokrynytska, Olha Kravchuk, Olga-Daryna Drachuk, Ana Dejanović, Irena Smodiš, Karmen Schödel.

Facilitator: Daniela Kocmut

Location: Opera Bar

Following the discussion there will be a reception and a jazz concert by the band Lothar Krist B3 from Hannover.

Friday, 17 April 2015

10:00 – 11:00h

Being exchanged: career as a literary translator

Discussion with Stana Anželj, Tina Štrancar and Sebastian Walcher.

Participants of the TransStar Europe project will lead a discussion with three former students of the Faculty of Arts in Ljubljana who in a really short time have been able to establish themselves as literary translators in Slovenia. Topics covered in the discussion will be the terms and conditions for entry into as well as their experiences and working methods on the Slovenian market of literary translation. Also invited to the event are current students of the Department of Translatology.

Facilitation: Tina Štrancar

Location: Department of Translatology at the Faculty of Arts, room 31

11:30 – 13:00h

Being exchanged: dual talent

There will be a meeting with the publisher, author and literary translator Aleš Berger and the critic, cultural journalist and publisher Petra Vidali.

Aleš Berger is the publisher of the series entitled Kondor and nova lirika, the translator of J.L. Borges, Apollinaire, Char, Queneau, Prévert, Beckett, Lautréamont and also of the Asterix comic into Slovenian. He is the author of a number of works of prose and plays. Petra Vidali is the editor of the translation series at Litera publishing called babilon, where works of Genazino, Erpenbeck, Geiger, Mora and Haushofer amongst others were published. She works at Večer, a daily newspaper.

Facilitation: Irena Smodiš

Location: Department of Translatology at the Faculty of Arts, room 31


Being read: life and death

The reading and discussion will be with the Austrian author and recipient of the Büchner prize, Josef Winkler, and the Ukrainian poet Ostap Slyvynsky. Roppongi, Wenn es soweit ist [When It’s Time] and Ich reiß mir eine Wimper aus [I Will Tear Out my Eye Lash] was translated into Slovenian by Josef Winkler. Ostap Slyvynsky is a translator from Bulgarian, Polish, Macedonian and Belarusian into Ukrainian and the author of four volumes of poetry. They will speak about the existential challenges of life, about Christian upbringing and about the current situation in their countries.

Participants from the TransStar Europe project will read from their own translations of texts by Josef Winkler and Ostap Slyvynsky: Janko Trupej, Alenka Lavrin, Yuliya Mykytyuk.

Facilitation: Amalija Maček and Claudia Dathe

Location: Literary Translators Association (Društvo slovenskih književnih prevajalcev)


Saturday , 18 April 2015

10:00 – 12:00h

Being checked: in Ljubljana many literary paths cross

Literary and cultural city tour with the translator Donald Reindl. During the tour participants will also visit Trubarjeva street and the book stores which are located there (Sanje, Modrijan, Mladinska knjiga).


Being read: literature and politics

An evening with Katja Perat, Miklavž Komelj and Natalka Sniadanko.

Katja Perat attracted attention with her first poetry volume Najboljši so padli [The Best Have Fallen] and she will present her new volume Davek na dodano vrednost [Value Added Tax]. Miklavž Komelj has translated Pessoa, Vallejo, Barnes and Pasolini and is the author of a great number of poetry volumes as well as scholarly articles on art history. Just recently he published his volume of poetry entitled Noč je abstraktnejša od n [The Night is More Abstract Than N]. Natalka Sniadanko has translated Milosz, Grass, Kafka and Herbert into Ukrainian and has established herself with her first work entitled Collection of Passions. Her new book Frau Müller Does Not Intend to Pay More will soon be published in German.

Participants of the TransStar Europe project will read their own translations of texts by authors who will be present at the event: Daniela Trieb and Lydia Nagel.

Facilitation: Ana Dejanović

Location: Hostel Celica, Gallery

Following the event will be a concert of the a capella group


free admission



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