Translation as an Open and Dynamic Art – The First Series of Events

Krakow, Poland, January 15, 2014
18. 12. 2013

Translating Cube points to the different contexts within which literary translations are generated. This includes the influence of generation-dependent reading and living experiences, movements between and within different cultures and traditions or wandering native languages. Moreover, the project looks for new forms of expression for the translation process, for instance via visualization and setting the text to music. In this way translation is freed from conventional text-centred terms like loyalty and beauty and as a result a new overall artistic fabric within which the personality of the translator with his/her multifaceted surroundings moves into the center of attention.

The audience will experience exciting events which place translation into an aesthetic, analytical and interactive light within categories such as „Being Read“, „Being Played“, „Being Exchanged“, „Being Finagled“, „Being Checked“ and „Being Searched and Found“.

The first events will take place in Krakow from 16 – 18 January 2014.

Here you will find the program.


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Translating cube