I recognise humor when it passes me

Ustí nad Labem, September 25, 2014
17. 10. 2014

A hotel in Ústì nad Labem. A cosy place on the ninth floor, right in front of the lifts. On the table: half empty beer bottles and a steadily filling ashtray. The Polish-German TransStar-Group is having after-work chats about literature, translations and: humor, which Lukas doesn’t realize when reading texts, as he claims.

Having just said that, the lift passes – and for a brief moment you can see and hear laughing women in it. I recognise humor when it passes me, Lukas goes on with an astonishing timing.

We learn a lot at TransStar, but moments like this turn the meetings into something special.

 by Katharina Kowarczyk, Marlena Breuer


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