Translation Workshops in September

Zagreb, Usti nad Labem, Stuttgart, September 20, 2014
29. 8. 2014

From the 24th until the 28th of September TransStar participants will meet for their second translator workshop. Under the leadership of Yurko Prokhasko, Amalija Maček and Claudia Dathe the German-Ukrainian, the German-Slovenian and the Ukrainian-German groups will continue their work in Stuttgart. The German-Polish, the Polish-German, the German-Czech and the Czech-German groups will meet in Ustí nad Labem with their workshop leaders Sława Lisiecka, Olaf Kühl, Radovan Charvát and Kristina Kallert. In Zagreb the Slovenian-German, the German-Croatian and the Croatian-German groups will meet and work with their leaders Erwin Köstler, Andy Jelčić and Matthias Jacob. While the workshops are taking place, literary events catered towards the public will be also be held.


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