Workshop in Kiev

Kiev, April 5, 2013
1. 5. 2013

In Kiev (05 – 07 April 2013) the working groups German-Coratian (workshop leadership: Andy Jelčić), German-Ukrainian (workshop leadership: Yurko Prokhasko) and Ukrainian-German (workshop leadership: Claudia Dathe).

Workshop report by Claudia Dathe (Ukrainian-German)

Translations begin

The Kievan translation workshop stared with the conjoint work of the German-Croatian, the German-Ukrainian and Ukrainian-German groups. Together with the workshop leaders Yurko Prokhasko, Andy Jelčić and Claudia Dathe participants analyzed the text Salzwasser [Saltwater] by Ulrike Almut Sandig. At the center of attention of  analysis was the question which information about the protagonists, their surroundings and their life constellation can be extracted from the text and how this information in the mind of the translator expands into perceptions and associations and ultimately (can) flow into the translation in the steps that follow.

The Ukrainian-German workshop under the leadership of Claudia Dathe concerned itself with the translation of essays of the Ukrainian contemporary author Yurko Izdryk. In his volume of essays entitled Der 2-Gigabyte-Stick [The Two-Gigabyte Stick] Izdryk assembles amongst others texts on the West Ukrainian cities of Lviv and Ivano-Frankivsk which were the object of translation. In the discussion on the translation one of the main questions was how the intimate knowledge of the West Ukrainian cities, which the author without doubt shares with many readers of the original text, can be brought closer to a German-language readership which lacks this knowledge.


Here are some photos.


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