Reading with Radka Denemarková

Ustí nad Labem, September 26, 2014
11. 10. 2014

At 26th of September we came to the City Museum of Usti nad Labem to meet the famous Czech writer Radka Denemarková. She spoke about her books and their themes, about translations of her books but also her owns to German. As well we enjoyed the reading in the original Czech and in the translated German languages from one of her most famous books she was even honoured for: Peníze pro Hitlera. An important point was Denemarková’s translation of Herta Müller to Czech language as well as the biographical roman about Czech theater regisseur Petr Lébl who commited suicide. And what would Mrs. Denemarková like to recommend us – young, beginning translators? It became an universal message: On the first place we should enjoy our life.


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