The Czech Group Visits the Strahov Monastery and the Literary Archive in Prague

Prague, July 17, 2013
30. 7. 2013

On July 11, 2013 the Czech group visited the Strahov monastery and the literary archive in Prague where old scripts are preserved.  Dr. Miloš Sládek told the participants a great deal about the work conducted by the archive and its history, Dr. Hedvika Kuchařová lead them through the entire monastery complex and showed them historical rooms which generally are not open to the public. Literary events are held in the archive.

In the end the group survived a wondrous evening with apricot dumplings and returned home with high hopes. The next meeting will take place September 28 in Prague where an evening at the theatre is planned. The small theatre „Činoherní klub“ will perform Gerhart Hauptmann’s Before Sunrise [Vor dem Sonnenuntergang] (1932)] with the distinguished actor Petr Nárožný in the leading role as privy councillor Clausen and Zuzana Stavná as Inken.

The local meeting of the entire group will take place at the end of October 2013 in Jindřichovice pod Smrkem in the former Sudetenland not far from the Hejnice monastery. There the first 15 pages of the translations will be checked and corrected within two to three days.

Here you will find some pictures.


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